Posted by: Paul | 2013/03/29

Sanitizing your Pool Made Easy

There are four key activities that need to happen to keep your pool clean and clear:

1.  Remove debris and organic material that can cause bacteria

2. Filter water to remove smaller particles and micro organismsSBPickingTrash1 (2)

3. Add sanitizer to kill bacteria and micro-organisms

4. Control algae growth

The Solar-Breeze does the first three activities using free energy from the sun.  As a result, Solar- Breeze  owners significantly reduce their energy consumption and the overall cost and hassle of keeping their pool clean.

Pool owners who want to do even more with solar power can enhance the performance of their Solar-Breeze by  adding SolarChlora SolarChlor to their pool as well.  The SolarChlor uses solar energy and a patented mineral anode to produce ions that inhibit algae growth.  In addition, by adding simple salt (NaCl) to the unit, it will produce chlorine to enhance the sanitation you’re already getting with your Solar-Breeze.

You’lSolarChlor2l be amazed at how the combination of a Solar-Breeze and a SolarChlor will reduce the chemical consumption in your pool, and how those annoying algae blooms will become a thing of the past.

Click on one of the images to watch a YouTube video on how the SolarChlor works.

Keep in mind that you can use the SolarChlor in a salt or fresh water pool.  The ionizing function will work in either type of pool to effectively replace liquid chemical algaecides – and – you can swim in the pool while it is working its magic.

Both Solar-Breeze and SolarChlor offer a way for pool owners to reduce their pool’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.  They also save you money on chemicals by removing debris before it decomposes (Solar-Breeze) and then sanitizing with simple rock salt and an ionizing anode (Solar Chlor).

Clean Pools – Hassle-Free and Eco-Friendly!



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